Ethnological Museum

The former covered pediment of the locality was transformed in the year 2002 in to a Multi-purpose centre and Local Museum thanks to the assistance of the Ministry of Economy and Technological innovation of the community of Madrid, co-financed by the European Fund of Guidance and Agricultural Guarantee and envisaged in the Programme of economic development and diversification of rural areas (PRODER).
In the year 2002 it was transformed into a center that houses in its upper floor an ethnological museum that gathers the cultural heritage and the ancestral ways of life of the inhabitants of La Hiruela with different farming implements, livestock and domestic utilities and historical garments and clothing.

The Classroom-Museum houses a permanent exhibition of ethnographic character that recreates the residence of an old rural house of the 17th century, accompanied with photographs of the time and with a voice-over that guides us through the different rooms.
Today the Ethnographic collection has a total of 1000 pieces, however this number is increasing thanks to the contribution of the neighbors and the help of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the community of Madrid.

Due to the incorporation in the year 2010 of the municipality of La Hiruela to the Itiner network of the community of Madrid, the multipurpose room located on the ground floor of the building, annually hosts two exhibitions organized by the community of Madrid within the program “Your network of itinerant exhibitions”.
This room is equipped with sound equipment and a video projector, it is used depending on its availability, as a venue for conferences, courses and meetings on request at the city Hall.

Download the guide of the Ethnological Museum of La Hiruela here