The Flour Mill

The Flour Mill of La Hiruela is located on the banks of the Jarama River, surrounded by Cherry and Elder trees in a wonderful recreational area.

The first historical references of the flour mill date back to the second half of the eighteenth century. Up to 1888 it was communal property, but in that year it was sold to a neighbor of Torrelaguna.
However, in a few years it changed ownership several times until it was finally acquired by 65 Natural partners of La Hiruela representing practically all the families of the municipality. This participation of the neighbors as shareholders of the flour mill restored it´s communal identity which it maintained until the end of it´s days in active. Throughout the twentieth century the mills of Rodezno fell into disuse and were abandoned but this one remained because of its geographical isolation. During the postwar period most of the mills were sealed as a measure of rationing. However, many continued to grind in the underground, as was the case of the La Hiruela mill.

The end of the activity, in 1975, coincided with the opening of a bakery in the village. In 2001 the La Hiruela Mill was restored with funds from the Madrid and and European Community.
This restoration made it possible to recover the molars and the structure of the building that had collapsed with the passage of time on the vault leaving the original building sunk.