The Apiary in La Hiruela

The Apiary in La Hiruela is a unique enclave for the type of exploitation, as well as for the aesthetic characteristics of the whole. Visible from the road N-137, it is located in the area Called “Prado Viejo”, next to the Jarama recreation area

Due to the state of abandonment it suffered, the town hall of La Hiruela, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the community of Madrid, carried out in the year 2006 the project of recovery of this enclave as an ethnographic reference of great interest, with the aim of recovering and disseminating one of the main subsistence pillars of the traditional life of La Hiruela: Honey.

In its origins it was a communal area shared by five families dedicated to Apiculture. To this day it has not been known to date its antiquity, although the elders of the place claim that it is more than two hundred years old. The traditional Apiary of La Hiruela gathers more than a hundred “corks” (hives built in hollow logs), divided into rows and streets that allow visitors to pass by.