Routes and Trails

La Hiruela is a place that invites you to get lost in it´s scenery to get to know it better. Because getting lost through (download map) it´s trails rewards you with unique places and magnificent natural beauty. Choose your route and live La Hiruela from the inside.  If you want to know the extension and the distance of the paths download the maps here.

Las Heras and Pila de Riego

Venture on this small path and discover the main species of bushes in the area, the aromas of the abundant Marjoram and the spectacular viewpoints that will allow you to enjoy spectacular views.

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From Mill to Mill

This path lead the inhabitants of La Hiruela to Cardoso de la Sierra. It is characterized by the variety of fruit trees that are in it´s path and have given fame to the region.

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The Trades of Life

Travelling this path, crossing gardens of fruit trees and large meadows, offers a clear understanding of know the key points of maximum ethnographic interest of La Hiruela and its region.

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Path Fuente Lugar

Step into this path and be amazed with the natural tunnel that abundant vegetation of Cherry, Hazel and Birch Trees form in spring.

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Other Paths

In addition to the aforementioned paths, in the region of La Hiruela there are other routes and paths of high landscape value. One of them is the Apibotánica, where you can see the follow up and development of how bees elaborate their resources in the region.

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